Eyebrows are an essential part of a person's facial image. They can change the impression of a person, to the extent that actors even adapt the shape of their eyebrows to the role they are playing.

Changing the shape of the eyebrows can also have the effect of lifting the face and changing the appearance of the face as much as a facelift.

People with thin eyebrows can benefit from the removal of surrounding downy hair, making the eyebrows appear thicker.

For men, the impression of the face can be changed naturally, whether it is gentle, strong, or stylish, without any discomfort.

Our professional hair and make-up stylists will recommend a suitable eyebrow shape based on your bone structure and the eyebrows you have (symmetry, brow density and hair flow).


Eyebrow styling treatment, price €60


Only available at FUJI hair Amstelveen

  • ➢ Please wear your usual make-up when you come for the eyebrow styling (so our stylist can get an idea of your normal facial image)

  • ➢ Basically, the process involves removing individual hair with tweezers only around the eyebrows. (Can also be done with an electric shaver).

  • ➢ Depending on the amount of hair, a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance visit is recommended.

We also have a eyebrow styling treatment in combination with a makeup advice course. Price €180. Duration 2,5 hours.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our eyebrow treatment.