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Massage Therapy   

Aromatherapy treatment is an all-hand massage using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants. It is a method that combines the essence of meridians and acupoints, incorporating the perspectives of lymphatic drainage and oriental medicine.

Read here about the benefits of massage therapy.


Body stream

This body maintenance treatment can be experienced without removal of makeup. A method that combines the essence of lymph drainage, meridians and acupoints. Swelling and fatigue are treated by this massage that promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. It stimulates the improvement of the immune system.

30 minutes body treatment (total 45 minutes)
€45 → special price for new customers €35

45 minutes body treatment (total 60 minutues)
€60 → special price for new customers €45

60 minutes body treatment (total 75minutes)
€75 → special price for new customers €60

90 minutes full body treatment (total 120 minutes)
€110 → special price for new customers €90

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Holistic journey

My full body treatment begins with a consultation and the creation of a personalised blend of essential oils and a botanical oils to suit your body's condition and psychological state.

Click here for information about holistic journey treatment.

90 minutes treatment (total 120 minutes)
€120 → special price for new customers €100
+body oil for homecare

120 minutes treatment (total 150 minutes)
€150 → special price for new customers €130
+body oil for homecare

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Mind Cleanse

Holistic Face and Head Massage. I approach the acupoints and facial muscles. It refreshes and improves dullness, it lifts up and eliminates swelling of the face. It also relieves muscle and nerve tension and reduces headaches and eye strain. I use products containing high quality neroli essential oil.

60 minutes treatment (total 75 minutes)
€85 → special price for new customers €75

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Since the quality of an aromatherapy treatment is directly related to the essential oils and carrier oils, the quality of the product applied is of utmost importance. The essential oils, carrier oils, and skincare products used in our salon are of the highest quality and certified by the Soil Association and COSMOS. Our certified organic essential oils are collected from plants that are grown without chemicals, synthetic fertilisers, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) under attentive management, and are carefully selected for their provenance and quality. Feel the innate power of plants.

About Reiko  

I studied and trained in the UK, obtaining a diploma in Aromatherapy, Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Essential oil science which I qualified for in October 2019. I look forward to sharing my expertise with clients and promoting a more harmonious state of being for them, through harnessing the power of aromatherapy.

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  • Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy /IFPA
  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Certificate in Aromatherapy in Autism Syndrome Disorder(ASD)
  • Certificate in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Aromatherapy